Jeff Fouch is co-founder of HUMA; a multi-dimensional arts performance group bent on incorporating literature and multi-media with live dance and action theater, while educating audiences about the creative process and offering performance opportunities for artists-to-be. Jeff Fouch and Christeen Stridsberg (co-founder), have been sharing creative visions of both the conscious and unconscious variety, since 2002. Some of their most notable dance/multi-media collaborations include The Socratic Handshake (2003), Strangers (2003), Nocturnal Holiday (2004), P.O.W. (2004), The Test (2005), Myoclonic Jerk (2006); and in 2008, we began composing our memoirs in the style of a dual fictional narrative, referred to only as Androgynation!, which has become the backbone for much of our more recent artistic work, such as “Unbecoming”, “Prescience” & “Alpha”. Jeff received his BFA in Dance from Otterbein University and an MFA in Dance from OSU, he also performs with the Kristina Isabelle Company and Columbus Moving Company.


  • •  Union Station arch
  • •  Amos Lynch Outdoor Plaza
  • •  Strand Cafe
  • •  Garden Theatre
  • •  Whetstone Park
  • •  Summit on 16th UMC
  • •  Feverhead
  • •  Riffe Center/Statehouse block
  • •  Columbus Dance Theater
  • •  UAS
  • •  Pythian
  • •  Bexley Library

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Friday, October 12, 2012:
Screening of Locality 2012 Documentary

  • Gallery exhibit, with reception and refreshments
  • OPEN STAGE NIGHT for community performers


Saturday, October 14, 2012:
Bus tour and Performances


Sunday, October 15, 2012:
Workshops, classes and seminars in local studios