About the Artist

Laura is a modern dancer trained in Hawkins technique, ballet, and jazz. She studied for many years under Todd Weeks and Jennifer Reilly of St. Louis’s MADCO. While at the University of Notre Dame, Laura completed a certificate in dance at Saint Mary’s College and performed with the Saint Mary’s Dance Ensemble. For four years, Laura worked as an initiator for the art of dance at Notre Dame, campaigning at all levels for dance education, from helping students enroll in dance courses to dialog with the registrar and university president. In 2010, Laura founded Notre Dame’s only modern dance company, Notre Dame TransPose Dance Collective. As president and director, Laura produced two full-length walk-through performances: Dante’s Inferno: A Dance Experience and Digitize. In its first year, TransPose’s unique immersive dance style gained recognition across campus, and TransPose was awarded the 2010-2011 Performing Arts Division Club of the Year. Mrs. Puscas is also an experienced arts administrator.


  • •  Union Station arch
  • •  Amos Lynch Outdoor Plaza
  • •  Strand Cafe
  • •  Garden Theatre
  • •  Whetstone Park
  • •  Summit on 16th UMC
  • •  Feverhead
  • •  Riffe Center/Statehouse block
  • •  Columbus Dance Theater
  • •  UAS
  • •  Pythian
  • •  Bexley Library

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Friday, October 12, 2012:
Screening of Locality 2012 Documentary

  • Gallery exhibit, with reception and refreshments
  • OPEN STAGE NIGHT for community performers


Saturday, October 14, 2012:
Bus tour and Performances


Sunday, October 15, 2012:
Workshops, classes and seminars in local studios