About the Artist

Meghan holds a BFA in dance from The Ohio State University.  She has been active in the Columbus dance and theater communities for approximately a decade.  Meghan has most recently focused her energy on choreography for musical theater, and consults for several local community theater companies and schools.  She brings an eclectic knowledge of the arts to her projects, and is especially interested in the organic movement of un(formally)trained bodies and the ways in which souls are enticed to dance.


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12 Choreographers

12 Sites

  • •  Union Station arch
  • •  Amos Lynch Outdoor Plaza
  • •  Strand Cafe
  • •  Garden Theatre
  • •  Whetstone Park
  • •  Summit on 16th UMC
  • •  Feverhead
  • •  Riffe Center/Statehouse block
  • •  Columbus Dance Theater
  • •  UAS
  • •  Pythian
  • •  Bexley Library
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Friday, October 12, 2012:
Screening of Locality 2012 Documentary

  • Gallery exhibit, with reception and refreshments
  • OPEN STAGE NIGHT for community performers

Saturday, October 14, 2012:
Bus tour and Performances


Sunday, October 15, 2012:
Workshops, classes and seminars in local studios